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A Different Way of Thinking

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Cody Clark Magic uses magic to inspire and delight everyone from every walk of life

Magically Personable

Cody Clark Magic grants people permission to radically be themselves. He allows people to savor the simple things in life, to connect with their most cherished memories, to bond over our commonalities, and to value different ways of seeing the world. Using his experience with autism, Cody takes a personalized approach to his shows in order to help everyone feel included. Whether a corporate employee, a member of the autism community, or a delighted child seeing their first magic show, Cody makes sure everybody at every show is heard and celebrated.

Cody Clark of Cody Clark Magic
"Trick by trick, Clark does more than pull coins and scarves from thin air. He pulls out his vulnerability for all to see."

–The Courier Journal
Louisville, Kentucky

"Go for magic, leave with inspiration."

–Orlando Sentinel review 2017

"Cody Clark is a great magician, a wonderful performer, and an amazing advocate for people of all abilities.”

–Ghanna Lincoln Schools

Conductor Cody

Discover Cody’s children’s focussed magic shows featuring his love of trains

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