Your Differences Are Your Advantage!

We’re all different in our own ways. For Cody, it’s because he’s autistic. For your company’s employees, it’s because they have different skill sets, come from different backgrounds, and have different values among other things. Yet there’s such a pressure for people to only be one thing: normal. Cody feels being normal is more of a liability than an asset and in his magic infused talks for companies and leadership summits, he’ll show your attendees why their differences are their advantage!

Cody’s roster of professional development talks has been created just for places like yours! In each talk, magic routines, talking points, and calls to action intertwine to remove a different set of barriers which stand in your employees way of having a fulfilled, empowered life. These can be for your entire company or specifically presented for your disabled employees, depending on your needs.

They can be shared in-person, during Zoom meetings, or as recordings. Contact Cody via the form below to learn more!

Cody Clark is performing for an audience, all sharing in a toast together.

Select Clients


"So happy we booked Cody to celebrate neurodiversity for the month of April. His magic was awesome but also he presented great insights that were relevant to our organization and techniques we can use to better communicate with each other. I really loved how he incorporated the magic to make his points!"

Anissa Gainey - Ad Hoc

"What an amazing time we had with you yesterday.  Our Delta Faucet Company and Masco Business Unit employees were so thrilled with your performance and information sharing"

Sha-Ki Johnson, Delta Faucet Company

"He tailored his content to our needs to help our recruiting process and accommodations better serve as better allies."

Emily Parry - Nav

"Cody is an excellent showman. His willingness to talk about his personal experiences as an encouragement for others to dive into their interests and make their own way in life was a real inspiration to our group!"

–Joseph Farrell, Evolve Coaching

"Cody was enthusiastic, responsive, and helpful throughout the planning and execution of our online events….Attendees left with a new perspective on differences, empowered to pursue their interests and goals for the future."

–Linda Lane, Northern Kentucky Cooperative for Educational Services (NKCES), Adult Transition Planning Client

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Ready to help your employees make their differences their advantage? Reach out to Cody with basic details about your company’s needs and he’d be happy to help!

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