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Cody’s magic brings out the best in your audiences! Whether you’re seeking to provide edu-tainment to your school students, library patrons, or company staff or wish to add family friendly entertainment to your community event, company party, or end of school year celebration, your audiences will be entertained, inspired, and leave full of magical memories! Scroll to learn more about both categories, then fill out the form below to get started. 


Edu-tainment Shows

These shows are presented for audiences at K-12 schools, college campus activities departments, public libraries, summer camps, and as professional development training for healthcare workers, corporate staff, educators, and disability service providers. These combine magic, comedy, and storytelling to share with your audience by entertaining example rather than force fed talking points the lessons you’d like for them to learn. The show options available include the following:

This is Cody’s first person account of what living with autism is like for him, told the way he knows best: through magic routines and funny stories! As you’re amazed and while you laugh, you’ll see how autism makes Cody different, yet not so different from everyone else. Your audience will see how autism’s nothing to be scared of…..simply a different way of thinking!

Everyone is different. Cody is different because he has autism. Others are because they prefer different school subjects, come from different parts of town, have different racial or financial backgrounds, etc. Yet people often feel they need to hide all that to appear “normal”. Cody uses his magic in this show to share why that’s not the case. Rather it’s in accepting your differences and those of others that magical connections can be found.

Entertainment Shows

Nothing brings communities together like having fun with each other at a magic show. Whenever family friendly entertainment delivered sincerely is what’s called for, arts organizations, community events, company parties, and end of school celebrations have all entrusted Cody to bring their audience together to simply have a good time! The show options available include the following:

Over his 17 years of being a magician, Cody’s magic has enhanced many community events like the Kentucky Derby Festival, Lebanon Ham Days, and the Kentucky State Fair, entertained many companies like Dawn Foods and Delta Faucets during their parties, and graced storied stages like the Louisville Palace, Kentucky Center, Folly Theatre, and the Tower Theatre. Whether a few dozen, few hundred, or few thousand attendees, Cody’s authentic stage persona, real to life stories, and astonishing magic all work together to add a special warmth to your event that your audience will never forget.

In these shows, Cody removes loud noises, bright lights, and allows his audience to stim as much as they need to! That’s after all what he wanted when he was a young autistic kid. This show’s all about empowerment and Cody’s magic will make your moderate to severely disabled audience of adult day care or specialty school residents feel like they’re doing the magic too! It can also be a good way for students, library patrons, and company staff to bond with their disabled peers in a sensory friendly environment.

Your students and staff have been hard at work during challenging times. For getting good grades and notching high performance scores on the job, your students and staff have earned a break to enjoy a much-deserved magic show! They’ll have lots of fun being amazed with their classmates and coworkers and laugh at Cody’s family friendly humor.

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