Make Your Event Magical!

The past few years has taught us to not take things for granted. Our usual celebrations had to be adjusted with no end in sight.

Thank goodness organizations of all sizes are looking to pick up where they left off….and start some new traditions too.

As a magician & motivational speaker, I think I can help! I can bring:

  • Feature length stage magic show – with inspiring patter 
  • Motivational talks – with some tricks to keep thing spicy
  • Walk-around magic to kick things off
  • Emceeing for your festivities!

Your attendees will:

  • Be more engaged with your event
  • Gain things to chat with each other about
  • Feel like they're a part of the proceedings!
  • Leave your event both entertained AND inspired to reach for the stars!

My event presentations can be shared in-person or during Zoom events. Contact me via the form below to learn more!

Magic Shows

Contact Cody

Ready to make your event different and magical? Reach out to Cody with basic details about your event and he'd be happy to help!

You may fill out the form up top, call at (502) 523-7422 or email at