Remove Barriers for Disabled People

Disabled people have many of the same desires as everyone else: to get a degree, enter the workforce, gain friendships, and become successful adults. Too many people believe these aren't achievable. 

Not me! I've been in their shoes and I'm here to help!

I've created magic shows which:

  • Give disabled people a story they can relate to
  • Are sensory friendly for maximum enjoyment

And present talks which

  • Teach independent living skills
  • Encourage community engagement
  • Provide coping strategies for daily success

My magic shows and talks can be shared in-person, during Zoom meetings, or as recordings. Contact Cody via the form below to learn more!


“Cody always puts on a great magic show, but the real highlight for Evolve is his personal connection with our audience members. His willingness to share the skills and experiences that have helped him become an excellent Autistic self-advocate and create a career path for himself that celebrates his neurodiversity really connects with our students."

–Joseph Farrell, Evolve Coaching

"I want you to know that I thought yesterday’s presentation was terrific, and frankly, the three presentations far exceeded my expectations....You shared very valuable information in an entertaining and engaging format."

–Carrie Stith-Webster, Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative, Adult Transition Planning Client

"Cody was enthusiastic, responsive, and helpful throughout the planning and execution of our online events….Attendees left with a new perspective on differences, empowered to pursue their interests and goals for the future."

–Linda Lane, Northern Kentucky Cooperative for Educational Services (NKCES), Adult Transition Planning Client

"Cody's message of hope and encouragement was done very well. He shared without trying invoke pity, rather his whole talk was about what can be accomplished regardless of road blocks others might try to put in front of us. Everyone was still talking about his message at the closing session." 

Nebraska Youth Leadership Council, 2022 Annual Conference

"Cody Clark came to our Community College to tell our students with special needs why, "Their Differences Make Them Magical." It was an absolutely wonderful magic-infused presentation full of fun and inspiration for the students and parents, alike!"

College of Lake County, Grayslake, IL

Contact Cody Clark

Reach out to Cody with basic details about your organization's needs so he can see if he can help.

Fill out the form above, call at (502) 523-7422   or email Cody at