Theatre critics across the U.S. love seeing Cody’s performances! And clients love Cody so much, they bring him back year after year! Here’s what some of them had to say:

“Everything we do at Film Camp is magic; and Cody’s show reinforces that notion. Cody relates so beautifully to our campers through both his performance as well as his loving people skills. I highly recommend him be part of our team.” – Barry Pearl, actor for “Doody” in Grease and instructor at Joey Travolta Film Camp

“What I find most impressive about what Cody does, is that his desire to perform his magic in front of an audience is, in ways, in direct conflict with his disorder. His determination to succeed and love for what he does is inspiring.” -Behind the Curtain Cincinnati

“My friend Cody Clark is one of the top young magicians working today! He has entertained and educated thousands of people with his magic and his story.” – Lance Burton, FISM Grand Prix winner 1982, Las Vegas headliner 1981-2010, and fellow Butler High School alumni 

“Cody personifies what he encourages his audience to do: embrace and celebrate what makes you, you.” -Behind the Curtain Cincinnati

“While I stage managed for Erskine, and have seen Copperfield, Blackstone and Lance Burton, I have to say that I have never enjoyed a magic entertainment on the main stage so much.” -The Family Paper, Louisville

“Even if you take autism off the table, this is a very solid magic show by a young talent that is already making a name for himself. His takes on various standard tricks are creative and they embellish his story rather than detract from it.” – Plays with John and Wendy (Indianapolis Based Theatre Blog)

“Go for magic; leave with inspiration” – Orlando Sentinel

“Out of anything that I have seen at the 2017 Orlando Fringe Festival, by far my stand-out favorite is Cody Clark: A Different Way of Thinking.” – Theme Park University