magic inc selloutEver since Cody premiered his one-man show at Louisville’s Slant Culture Theatre Festival in 2014, both critics and audiences everywhere have loved his show! Here are what some of them had to say:

“It’s rare to see a performer connect to his audience with as much heart as you did, that night at Indy Magic Monthly. I think I can speak for the entire audience when I say Bravo!!” – Jim Vines, NYC based magician and current 1st place and People’s Choice winner of the S.A.M. and I.B.M. magic contests

“Clark doesn’t ask for pity or sympathy, but he entertainingly fosters understanding.”-Arts-Louisville

“The performer’s honesty and charm buys a lot of credibility”-CityBeat Cincinnati

“Clark offers a feel-good autobiography of a talented and fearless young performer, whose unusual way of experiencing the world has only served to heighten the practice of his craft.”-CityBeat Cincinnati

“What I find most impressive about what Cody does, is that his desire to perform his magic in front of an audience is, in ways, in direct conflict with his disorder. His determination to succeed and love for what he does is inspiring.”-Behind the Curtain Cincinnati

“Cody personifies what he encourages his audience to do: embrace and celebrate what makes you, you.”-Behind the Curtain Cincinnati

“If you get the chance, do catch his act, it is funny, amazing and moving; a tall order in the magic world.”-The Family Paper, Louisville

“While I stage managed for Erskine, and have seen Copperfield, Blackstone and Lance Burton, I have to say that I have never enjoyed a magic entertainment on the main stage so much.”-The Family Paper, Louisville