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"Cody personifies what he encourages his audience to do: embrace and celebrate what makes you, you."

"What I find most impressive about what Cody does, is that his desire to perform his magic in front of an audience is, in ways, in direct conflict with his disorder. His determination to succeed and love for what he does is inspiring."

–Behind the Curtain Cincinnati

"Clark doesn’t ask for pity or sympathy, but he entertainingly fosters understanding."


"The performer’s honesty and charm buys a lot of credibility"

"Clark offers a feel-good autobiography of a talented and fearless young performer, whose unusual way of experiencing the world has only served to heighten the practice of his craft."

–CityBeat Cincinnati

“If you get the chance, do catch his act, it is funny, amazing and moving; a tall order in the magic world.”

“While I stage managed for Erskine, and have seen Copperfield, Blackstone and Lance Burton, I have to say that I have never enjoyed a magic entertainment on the main stage so much.”

–The Family Paper, Louisville, Kentucky

“I’m enchanted with Cody Clark. The show is truly about empowerment and succeeding despite your obstacles.”

“Thumbs up for Cody Clark: A Different Way of Thinking. Great to have a truly family-friendly show at Indy Fringe. G-Rated”

–IndyFringe Talks

“Even if you take autism off the table, this is a very solid magic show by a young talent that is already making a name for himself. His takes on various standard tricks are creative and they embellish his story rather than detract from it.”

–Plays with John and Wendy (Indianapolis Based Theatre Blog)

“Trick by trick, Clark does more than pull coins and scarves from thin air. He pulls out his vulnerability for all to see.”

“From the moment he takes the stage—just as the name of his show suggests—you can tell he’s different.”

–The Courier Journal, Louisville, Kentucky

“The magical moments in his show reveal how his brain works differently. Other people just see boxes of macaroni and cheese, he sees how his grandma never runs out of his favorite food.”

“Because he is focused on his character while considering material, he can take a classic or new piece and make it unique to him.”

Genii Magazine, Magic’s leading trade publication, October 2016

“Go for magic, leave with inspiration.”

–Orlando Sentinel review 2017

“Some people dismiss magic tricks as nothing but dime store gimmicky…but for Cody Clark, illusions are an honest way to express himself without being mocked for it.”

–Orlando Weekly review 2019


Cody partnered with us to provide A Different Way of Thinking virtual Magic show, a live event, and two follow up pre-recorded magic talks 'Secrets to Essential Skills’ and 'Self Employment While Autistic. We are greatly pleased with the services delivered and enthusiastically recommend Cody as a presenter for your school, organization, or business."

–Linda Lane, Northern Kentucky Cooperative for Educational Services (NKCES), Adult Transition Planning Client

"I enjoyed working with you, Cody!....I also believe that those who attended virtually this month enjoyed your performances, had fun, and learned something about what it is like to be autistic. I commend you for revamping your shows to work in a virtual format."

–Danielle Acton, Hamilton East Public Library, A Different Way of Thinking and Conductor Cody client

"Cody was enthusiastic, responsive, and helpful throughout the planning and execution of our online events….Attendees left with a new perspective on differences, empowered to pursue their interests and goals for the future."

–Linda Lane, Northern Kentucky Cooperative for Educational Services (NKCES), Adult Transition Planning Client

"I want you to know that I thought yesterday’s presentation was terrific, and frankly, the three presentations far exceeded my expectations. While the other folks we used over the last three weeks were really good, you were outstanding. You called on the students, used names, and made your sessions interactive. You shared very valuable information in an entertaining and engaging format, and frankly, you were more focused on the students."

–Carrie Stith-Webster, Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative, Adult Transition Planning Client

"You were amazing! You did such a good job of keeping the kids engaged even though it was a virtual platform. You did an amazing job of making Marlee the main focus and making her feel so special. Your communication was wonderful before and during the party. We were so pleased and would recommend you to anyone who asks!!!"

–Mallorie Jaggers, parent of birthday child Marlee, Cody Clark Magic client

"You are a hit with our patrons!!! Thank you for coming to our first annual Disabilities Awareness Fair and sharing your show “A Different Way of Thinking” with our community. It is the perfect blend of magic, comedy, and self-advocacy education.”

–Melissa Clark, Millersville Public Library of Sumner County, A Different Way of Thinking client

Social Media

“You are the man! Thanks for always giving back to the community!”

–Lance Burton, magic legend and fellow Louisville, Kentucky resident, Facebook

“It was a pleasure watching you perform”

–Arlen Soloman, President of the Society of Young Magicians, Facebook

“Yeah, Cody! I love your show! Congratulations ! You deserve these awards! It was great to see you! Thrilled with and for you!!”

–Jackie Ryle, fan, Facebook

“Thanks for sharing your magic with all of us”

–Steven Bargatze, Professional Magician and current President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians

“Starting performing this trick because of you Cody! I use it in my Social Skills classes.”

–Marcus Duke, fellow magician, Facebook


–Zach Robinson, fan, Facebook

"Cody. Thanks for inspiring us to push ourselves by the example that you are pushing yourself. Great to see!"

–Ron Spangler, fellow magician, Facebook

“A beautiful message 👏great presentation” 

–@magicianfancynancy, Instagram

"That made me feel so much better. That was very entertaining!"

–@christopher_robin_poohho, TikTok

Okay, this was really fun! I want more informative TikToks in the form of magic acts!

–@mh.peach, TikTok

"This is the most beautifully autistic thing I’ve ever seen! I love it so much!"

–@sapphoshanks, TikTok

"I DID NOT EXPECT THIS TO BE A MAGIC TRICK!!! Thank you for shedding light on this"

–@Undiagnosedcommie, TikTok

"Get your tickets before it goes viral because this is TALENT!"

–@_monicu3, TikTok

"Yes!! This is so important! And the way you presented it with a magic trick too makes a lot more non-autistic people want to see it too and learn!"

–@gary_lettuce, TikTok

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