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For the safety of Cody and his audiences, from now until further notice Cody Clark Magic performances will be entirely virtual. Stay up to date on Cody’s virtual show schedule by signing up for his newsletter!

A Different Way of Thinking

This brand features Cody’s acclaimed disabilities advocacy services which, since 2014, have magically changed people’s perspectives on living with disabilities. Services offered virtually include:

Cody’s renowned performance combines magic, comedy, and storytelling to share what living with autism is like. This show encourages “a different way of thinking” about autism and acceptance, and celebrates our differences!

In this 30 minute virtual show, Cody performs his magic catered to audiences with moderate to severe disabilities.

Cody has developed a repertoire of 30 minute plus Q&A discussions on helping disabled young adults transition to adulthood. These cover subjects such as essential life skills, self-employment, how to self-advocate, and getting the most out of life. Cody can create customized talks as well!

Conductor Cody

Inspired by his childhood love of trains, this brand features virtual magic railway adventures geared towards children ages 3-8! Cody takes his young audiences on adventures of discovery, awareness, and understanding more about the world around them. By the time passengers return to the station, they’ll have had a magical experience they’ll never forget. For more information, check out Services offered virtually include:

On this adventure, we deep dive into learning about railway history, science, and operations.

This trip celebrates reading and the magic of libraries! Conductor Cody not only teaches how to read, but why we should read.

In this adventure, we learn how to accept differences in yourself and others. This show is a kid friendly complement to Cody’s show: A Different Way of Thinking.

Cody Clark Magic

Cody has been performing magic for 16 years and this brand celebrates the skills he’s gained in sleight-of-hand, crafting scripts audiences of all kinds enjoy, and in creating customized shows which reinforce what YOU feel is most important. He gets to cut loose with the magic in these shows and he enjoys himself so much your audience can’t help buy enjoy themselves too. Services offered virtually include:

Cody’s Zoom magic shows can be the anchor for YOUR virtual event! Cody’s virtual magic leaps off the screen and into your hands as you help him create magic moments from the comfort of your own home!

A 30 minute – 1 hour class in which I teach your family, friends, employees, or library patrons simple beginners magic effects performed with objects you already have. Everyone gets an up close view of  the tricks, everyone knows what props to have beforehand, and students asking questions about the tricks couldn’t be any easier! It also provides a great skill to learn during home isolation!

Public Show Schedule

Cody’s public shows draw crowds at a variety of locations and events across the country. He performs his renowned lineups including traditional magic, autism advocacy, sensory friendly magic shows, and his children’s focused Conductor Cody set.

4.30 | 9 PM ET and 5.1 | 4:30 PM ET
Oregon Virtual Fringe Festival – A Different Way of Thinking
Free. Link Posted Soon

Cody Clark of Cody Clark Magic

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Cody loves performing his shows for audiences everywhere! To inquire about booking, more information, or to ask any questions, you may call (502) 523-7422 or email