Believe the hype

Cody performing magic in front of an audience
courier journal

The Courier Journal

Louisville, Kentucky
Front page of The Scene | December 22, 2019

“Trick by trick, Clark does more than pull coins and scarves from thin air. He pulls out his vulnerability for all to see.”

“From the moment he takes the stage—just as the name of his show suggests—you can tell he’s different.”

“Yes, he wants you to see the magic and the “wow” moment. But he also wants you to see he has a grandmother he loves dearly too.”

ghanna lincoln schools logo

Ghanna Lincoln Schools

Ghanna, Ohio
February 2018

“Cody Clark came to perform in Ghanna, Ohio during our disabilities awareness week…the students loved the show—Cody connected with them and made a true impact…many of those students brought their parents back for a community performance that evening. Cody Clark is a great magician, a wonderful performer, and an amazing advocate for people of all abilities.”

genii magazine logo

Genii Magazine

Magic’s leading trade publication
Profile | October 2016

“The magical moments in his show reveal how his brain works differently. Other people just see boxes of macaroni and cheese, he sees how his grandma never runs out of his favorite food.”

“Because he is focused on his character while considering material, he can take a classic or new piece and make it unique to him.”

orlando fringe festival logo

Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival

Diversity Lottery
2017, 2019

“Go for magic, leave with inspiration.” –Orlando Sentinel review 2017

“Out of anything I have seen at the 2017 Orlando Fringe Festival, by far my stand out favorite is Cody Clark: A Different Way of Thinking.” –Theme Park University review

“Some people dismiss magic tricks as nothing but dime store gimmicky…but for Cody Clark, illusions are an honest way to express himself without being mocked for it.” –Orlando Weekly review 2019