About Cody

Cody Clark is a 26 year old professional magician/autistic self-advocate from Louisville, KY. He was diagnosed as autistic at 15 months young and his parents were told he’d never walk, talk, get married, have a job, etc. Instead, he had a wonderful childhood and at the age of 11, was brought on stage at a magic show and enjoyed it so much he became a magician. He joined the Louisville Magic Club, studied at the Jeff McBride Magic & Mystery School in Las Vegas, and used his Bachelors degree in Marketing/Theatre Arts from the University of Louisville to launch his business. He places his magic effects within his passions for theatre, stand-up comedy, classic country music, storytelling, and autism advocacy. The resulting routines form the various shows Cody can perform at your next event such as:

Virtual Services: In the midst of our current challenges, Cody has taken the opportunity to adapt his shows for virtual formats! His virtual magic shows are visually appealing, virtually engaging, and a great way to enhance your virtual hangout! He is offering the following shows over Zoom and other virtual calling platforms:

  • Zoom into Magic Virtual Magic Shows: 30 minute magic shows which serve as an anchor to your family’s virtual hangout, your company’s virtual cocktail/break hour, or your virtual birthday party. The magic I perform in these shows is optimized for the virtual format, with my audiences making decisions which directly impact the magic that happens. One lucky audience member will even be mailed a letter containing magic they’ll make happen on their end!
  • Basic Magic Class: A 30 minute – 1 hour class in which I teach your family, friends, employees, or library patrons simple beginners magic effects performed with objects that you won’t have to make a brave trip to the store to get. Of any of my services, this is the one that I feel works better virtually because everyone gets the same up close view of me demonstrating the tricks, everyone knows what props to have beforehand, and students asking questions about the tricks couldn’t be any easier! It also provides a great skill to learn during home isolation!
  • Autism Advocacy Shows/Talks: Autistic people are as autistic as they’ve ever been, even during home isolation! So all my autism advocacy/sensory friendly magic shows and talks listed under “live services” will continue to be offered virtually with only modest adjustments and additions providing autism specific coping techniques for these times.

Live Services: The following live magic shows are what gave Cody a reputation as a leading magician/autistic self-advocate! When live performances can safely resume, Cody would love to perform any of these shows for your people!:

  • A Different Way of Thinking: A 45 minute theatrical magic show in which Cody’s routines and stories give a first-person account of living with autism. He uses this show to self-advocate, showing audiences that autism is nothing to be scared of, just a different way of seeing the world! He can perform it at small to medium size theaters, libraries, K-12 schools, colleges, teacher professional development, corporate sensitivity training and directly for autism advocacy groups.
  • Sensory Friendly Magic Show: Being autistic himself, Cody knows how a majority disabled audience has different needs than a neurotypical audience. Cody’s knowledge of which accommodations to make allows him to bring a special 30 minute magic show to autism specialty schools, adult day cares, self-contained classrooms, and birthday parties for your special needs family members.
  • Conductor Cody Children’s Magic Show: It’s all aboard for Conductor Cody’s magical railway adventure for young children and their families! Inspired by his childhood love of trains, Cody shares the magic of the railway by tearing & restoring train tickets, making train coal appear, and sharing railway history (or summer reading program themes, holiday folklore, birthday celebrations, etc.). By the time passengers return to the station, they’ll have had a magical experience they’ll never forget. For more information, you may check out http://www.conductorcody.com .
  • All-Purposes Magic Show: Cody’s broad knowledge of magic effects, 15 years of performance experience, and ability to tell stories which everyone can relate to ensures he can stand alone outside of the context of his autism. He can perform sets ranging from 10 minutes to 45 minutes with routines that are uniquely Cody, yet a good fit for any event.