About Cody

Cody Clark is a 25 year old professional magician/autistic self-advocate from Louisville, KY. He was diagnosed at 15 months of age and his parents were told he’d never walk, talk, get married, have a job, etc. Instead, he had a wonderful childhood full of Thomas the Tank Engine and Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and at the age of 11, was so inspired by being brought on stage at a magic show that he became a magician. He joined the Louisville Magic Club, studied at the Jeff McBride Magic & Mystery School in Las Vegas, and used his Bachelors degree in Marketing/Theatre Arts from the University of Louisville to learn how to run his business. He places his magic effects within his passions for theatre, stand-up comedy, classic country music, storytelling, and autism advocacy. The resulting routines form the various shows Cody can perform at your next event, such as:

Cody Clark-A Different Way of Thinking: A 60 minute solo show/magic show in which Cody uses his magic effects and stories to give a first-person account of living with autism. He uses this show to self-advocate, showing audiences that autism is nothing to be scared of, just a different way of seeing the world! He can perform it at fringe festivals, solo performance festivals, small to medium size theatres, K-12 schools, colleges, teacher professional development, and directly for autism advocacy groups.

Sensory Friendly Theatre Consulting: Cody’s first hand knowledge of how autistic audience members may perceive a show differently has been valued by theatre companies across the country as they seek to make their shows accessible to autistic audiences. He is more than happy to consult with your theatre production about ways your show and facilities can be made as sensory friendly as possible. Consultations can be in person and/or through video chat.

Adult Day Care Show: Cody’s ability to adjust his performance style on a moment’s whim allows him to bring a special 30 minute magic show to autism schools, adult day cares, and self-contained classrooms which would otherwise not be able to attend live performances.

All-Purposes Magic Show: Cody’s broad knowledge of magic effects and performance experience ensures he can stand alone outside of the context of his autism. He can perform sets ranging from 10 minutes to 45 minutes with routines that are uniquely Cody, yet fit for any event.