Removing Barriers for Disabled Young Adults

It’s far too often that young disabled adults go from being honor roll students to dropping out of college. The support services they once relied on vanish into thin air once they turn 18. As a result, they receive less assistance as they come of age than their neurotypical peers get.

We all want disabled adults to do well in college, enter the workforce, open their own businesses, live independently, and become valued parts of their local communities. 

Cody’s roster of adult transition planning talks is created just for them! In each talk, magic routines, talking points, and calls to action intertwine to remove a different set of barriers which stand in their way of having a fulfilled, empowered life. 

These are presented for disabled teens and young adults on their behalf by high schools, colleges, educational cooperatives, vocational rehabilitation centers, and corporate diversity programs. These can also be presented as professional development training for corporate managers, educators, future educators, and disability service professionals. They can be shared in-person, during Zoom meetings, or as recordings. Contact Cody via the form below to learn more!


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Cody partnered with us to provide A Different Way of Thinking virtual Magic show, a live event, and two follow up pre-recorded magic talks 'Secrets to Essential Skills’ and 'Self Employment While Autistic. We are greatly pleased with the services delivered and enthusiastically recommend Cody as a presenter for your school, organization, or business."

–Linda Lane, Northern Kentucky Cooperative for Educational Services (NKCES), Adult Transition Planning Client

"I want you to know that I thought yesterday’s presentation was terrific, and frankly, the three presentations far exceeded my expectations. While the other folks we used over the last three weeks were really good, you were outstanding. You called on the students, used names, and made your sessions interactive. You shared very valuable information in an entertaining and engaging format, and frankly, you were more focused on the students."

–Carrie Stith-Webster, Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative, Adult Transition Planning Client

"Cody was enthusiastic, responsive, and helpful throughout the planning and execution of our online events….Attendees left with a new perspective on differences, empowered to pursue their interests and goals for the future."

–Linda Lane, Northern Kentucky Cooperative for Educational Services (NKCES), Adult Transition Planning Client

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